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I think I may have mentioned this in a previous post but just to let you guys know I'm part of an online exhibition selling all my lovely wares at i-am-an-artist-designer. Each artist gets their own profile page, you can read all about me over here. 

The days and weeks seem to be merging into one another. I am currently trying to find a job in Hong Kong. And that's been one of my travelling plans for a very long time. I've been itching to go travelling for as long as I can remember and as much as I love London I think I'm ready to move out of that comfort zone, mainly because I need to do it for myself.  
I'll post more about it when I hear from this place, fingers and toes crossed I'll bloody get it.

There's an exhibition which is taking place in June and again I can't really say much until we've sorted all the promo things out. Ah there's so much to talk about but I must keep my mouth shut!

Until then enjoy the sunny weekend ahead! 
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