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Well hasn't the week just flown by?! Sometimes I feel as though the days have somehow merged into one another... man I seriously wish the days were longer!

I have decided that my shop needs a mega update as it looks really sad at the moment. Every time when I update it, it crashes and I have to get Sam to fix it for me. Plus I think the layout is really old school! After finding a free shopping site (which works wonders by the way) it is time to say good bye to Prestashop! Prestashop has served it's purpose for the past 2 years but if only it'd stop crashing and have nicer themes I'd stick with it. What I'll be using now is better to update, less glitchy, super themes and looks slick.

It's nice to have Etsy but at the same time I've always wanted a shop where I can customise the layout myself and make it look unique, like a proper shop really. So for now the new shop is currently under going major transformation and I'm going to take better photos as well. I've looked at a few Etsy shops for a tad inspiration. All I need to do is to focus more about the photography, what I'm actually promoting and to write better product descriptions.

So far it's been a massive learning experience for me and I'm going to put more effort towards the shop. More news about the shop to follow but for now enjoy the rest of the week!
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